The National Assessment Center is an independent external body under the MTC tasked to conduct the assessment of the competence of Filipino seafarers for the issuance of Certificates of Proficiency (COP) required under the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended. It was established on 29 May 2000 by virtue of MTC Resolution No. 06,  and took over from the private training centers the task of assessing the proficiency of seafarers and of issuing certificates to those who meet the training requirements of the Convention.

The NAC (1) issues certificates of proficiency as required under Chapter V and VI of the Annex to the 1978 STCW Convention, as amended; (2) conducts assessment of competence of seafarers, under any particular regulation of the Convention as may be required or requested by the government body concerned, intended to be used for the issuance of STCW ’95 Certificates; (3) ensures that all assessors conducting assessment in 1 and 2 above are qualified in accordance with requirements of paragraph 6 of Section A-I/6 of the STCW Code; (4) ensures that all assessors are continuously trained to keep them abreast with the latest assessment techniques and technological advancements in shipping that are essential in the performance of their job as assessors; and (5) ensures the quality and integrity of the assessment process through an established quality standards system. It performs other responsibilities which the MTC may require.

The NAC strictly follows the guidelines and procedures of assessment and issuance of certificates laid down under MTC Resolution No. 11, Series of 2000. The guidelines and procedures aim to provide an efficient mechanism in assessing the competence of seafarers holding STCW ’78 certificates or documents. The guidelines and procedures can be viewed on or copies thereof downloaded from the MTC website,

The NAC also adheres to quality standards in the issuance of certificates or documentary evidence for new entrants and existing seafarers. These quality standards, laid down under MTC Resolution No. 10, Series of 2000 (later revised by Resolution No. 01, Series of 2001), can also be viewed on or copies thereof downloaded from the MTC website.

To date, the NAC has assessed 51,753 new entrant seafarers (6 percent) and 849,347 existing seafarers (94 percent), or a total of 901,100. In 2006, it issued 83,979 COPs to 23,361 seafarers.

NAC assessment is based on the relevant competence table of the STCW Code. This competence table is applied to all seafarers, regardless of rank or position on board. Applicants who fail the NAC assessment are not entitled to be issued a certificate and required to re-train or take refresher courses to ensure that appropriate competencies are achieved or maintained. STCW certificates are proof that seafarers are competent and qualified under the provisions of the Convention.


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